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Dental and Oral Conditions

Dental and oral conditions encompass a wide range of issues affecting the teeth, gums, jaw, and surrounding structures. These conditions can vary from simple cavities to more complex disorders like periodontal disease, oral cancer, and malocclusions. The health of our mouth is intrinsically connected to our overall well-being. Not only is it the primary gateway for nourishment, but it also plays a pivotal role in communication, expression, and overall quality of life. Beyond cosmetic considerations, untreated dental and oral conditions can lead to pain, infections, and even systemic health complications. Thus, understanding and addressing these conditions promptly and effectively is paramount for maintaining both oral and general health.

What Is The Tooth Made Of

Plaque and Calculus

Tooth Decay

Recurrent Decay

Root Resorption

(Non-Carries Cervical Lesions)

(Composite Restoration)

Clenching and Grinding

Night Guards

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